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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

New York Daily News clowns Donald Trump on their front cover

..as the billionaire businessman wins GOP primary in New Hampshire. What they wrote after the cut

Clueless New Hampshire voters handed billionaire bore Donald Trump a “yuge” victory in the first-in-the nation primary Tuesday, providing the mad mogul with a new round of ammo a week after a disappointing second-place finish in Iowa. 
More than three in 10 Granite State voters flocked to the foul-mouthed contender, throwing their support to him at levels beyond what the polls had predicted — a day after he referred to a Republican challenger Ted Cruz as a “pussy.”
With more than 89% of the state’s precincts reporting, the bloviating businessman had the support of 35% of voters.

Ronke Oshodi Oke Mourns Sikiru Adeshina a.k.a Aragangudu


Ronke Oshodi, yoruba actress posted this message on her instagram page moments ago:
This man was on my movie set (Osun Sengese )strong and healthy but today he’s late. will sld always have it at the back of our mind that one day we will sleep and never wake up so we sld try to be good to people, always go to hospital for check up, do Wat makes you happy and know God because life is too short. Sun re oo Sikiru Adesina
Sikiru Adesina, popularly called Arakangudu, who died in the early hours of Tuesday, in Kaduna, will be buried on Wednesday (today) in his hometown, Osogbo, Osun State.

He reportedly died after making a noise from his sleep. The deceased, who shuttled between his base in Osogbo and Kaduna State, was shooting a movie before the unfortunate incident.

”Yewande Fatoki: The Husband Killer” (Graphic Photos)

A close friend of Oyelowo Oyediran Ajanaku, the 38 year old Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife graduate, killed by his lawyer- wife on 2 February in Ibadan, has thrown some light on what transpired before the tragic crime of passion, that has triggered shock waves, nationwide.
From the story, Yewande clearly intended to kill her husband, having stabbed him at two separate occasions, same night, with the last stabbing with a knife, on the neck, a fatal one.
Lowo Oyediran Ajanaku: before he was killed by his wife, Yewande

Lowo Oyediran Ajanaku: before he was killed by his wife, Yewande
Oyelowo Oyediran Ajanaku Popularly called LOWO a successful Nigerian businessman was resident in Paris (France) up until 2014, before his return to Nigeria to settle down with his wife, Yewande Fatoki Oyediran- a lawyer working as a Principal State Counsel at the Ministry of Justice Oyo state Nigeria.
He hailed from Osun state Southern Nigeria. He attended Olufi High school- Gbongan Osun state, Lagos State Polytechnic and then proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Osun state Nigeria and further had his MSc from Grenoble Business School, France.
The Oyedirans
The Oyedirans
February 2nd seemed like a regular day or so I thought until I got a text message that Oyelowo was dead.
I called his sister in-law (Temitayo) who happened to be my very close friend to confirm and on hearing her wail on the other end of the phone, I discontinued the call. Confused and in shock, I dialled her number again. In tears and with a shaken voice, I asked how it happened. Then she narrated the ordeal amidst tears. “Last night Lowo and his wife Yewande had an argument in their Akobo home in Ibadan, where they reside, over his proposed business trip scheduled for later in the week. Lowo was to travel to Europe for business purposes and then stop over to visit his child (from another woman) who’s also living in Europe with the mother.
“This didn’t go well with Yewande I suppose and the squabble continued into late In the night. In the process Yewande stabbed her husband Lowo on the shoulder missing his heart by just few inches.
“Their neighbour-the Landlord intervened in the matter and took Oyelowo to a nearby hospital for treatment as he bled profusely. After treatment he was released to return home and instructed to rest as he had lost a lot of blood. On arriving home, the Landlord’s son offered Lowo his room to pass the night. But he declined the offer stating clearly that ‘all was fine as he trusted his wife and believed she didn’t mean to harm him’.
And Lowo after the fatal stab on the neck
And Lowo after the fatal stab on the neck
“Few hours later, a shout was heard again: it was the cry of a man in agony. Oyelowo was battling for his life, blood gushing out of his neck and mouth. His wife Yewande had used a knife to stab him once again, unfortunately it was in the neck, a very delicate part of the body. He was whisked to the hospital where he was certified dead on arrival”.
“Oyelowo Oyediran Ajanaku was 38yrs old when his wife Yewande Oyediran,Nee Fatoki, stabbed him in the neck with a knife which ultimately led to his untimely death.
“I Met Lowo in Obafemi Awolowo University during my undergraduate days. He was a proud African man and he always said it with pride that he was a GBONGAN man.
“Describing Oyelowo in simple terms, I would call him a “Good man”, kind, jovial or rather say he’s a Jester, easy going, fun loving and absolutely peaceful.
“Lowo had always portrayed the characteristics of a good man to the society and has successfully brought foreign investors to Nigeria such as Aller Aqua a Denmark based company ( Aller Aqua produces fish feed for freshwater and saltwater aquaculture) .
‘He is always there to support anyone that needs help. All he wanted was for people to be happy around him. He was a Positive Impact to the Society. In over 10 years of knowing and relating with him I can’t seem to find any fault in him. Everyone loved being around him, he had charisma. His death has left a massive vacuum in the hearts and lives of his loved ones. He would be greatly missed by his family, friends, associates and loved ones.
“We want the world to know because as I write to you, the Family of the wife (the Fatokis’) are doing all in their power to see that this case is covered up. We want Justice to prevail, a grievous crime has been committed. We want the law to take its full course.
“This could have happened to anyone, anywhere across the universe. A crime is a crime irrespective of location, race or persons involved, this is a massive test on our judicial system as the world watches the outcome of this through global media.”
*If you believe that Lowo must get justice, you are invited to join the campaign using the Hashtag #JUSTICE4LOWO


Photo: Gay man arrested for sending romantic messages to a male journalist

A gay man was arrested by the police on Monday, February 8, for persistently sending explicit love messages to a Kenyan journalist with the Royal Media Services, Victor Kinuthia, telling him that he is in love with his voice. Can't a man express his love again? Lol
24-year-old Geoffrey Mburu had reportedly been sending romantic messages to the journalist, suggesting that he wants to have sex with him. Following persistent explicit messaging from Mr. Mburu, despite being warned to stop, Kinuthia reported the matter to the police.
In the messages, the suspect admitted to being gay and said he is in love with the journalist’s voice and wanted sex with him. Kinuthia set up a meeting with the suspect at his Gatanga home and was accompanied by officers and journalists.
"When I got to Githioro, the suspect came smiling and entered the car I was driving, saying he was to see me," he said.
It was then that police, who were following closely behind on motorbikes, arrested him. Kinuthia said he was shocked by the proof that homosexuality is rife in the county.
"We have always heard of cases where men are sodomised but fail to report out of fear or stigma but this is evidence that it is happening," he said.
Murang’a county commander Naomi Ichami said Mburu admitted to sending the messages. He will be charged with misusing a communications device.
Source: The Star

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